Senior Consultant

Márta Rostás

Ever since I first became acquainted with the field of HR consulting in the early 1990s, I have known that I feel the most satisfied when I can provide counselling assistance to those involved in the labour market, despite the fact that I had worked in many exciting areas over the past three decades.

What ensures my professional credibility?

In addition to traditional HR consulting, I have gained experience in exciting, innovative industries such as telecommunication, the pharmaceutical industry, and corporate acquisitions. I have also worked as an employee, founded, and run my own business. I have been entrusted with personalised tasks, but I have also been in a position where I led a team. It is not only my experience that helps me get to know the world, but also my never-ending curiosity.

Why counselling?

A new aspect of the world unfolds in front of my eyes day by day. I can’t imagine a better feeling than having a company client or a job seeker who trust me and share their visions and dilemmas of the future with me and invite me to think together with them. What counselling means to me is an experience of fresh thoughts, mutual improvement, and constant changes. I can’t think of anything more interesting than having a job which allows me to listen to personal stories, understand career plans and to be involved in the decision process of those with whom we work.

Why Greensearch?

I joined the team via an old friendship. What makes the daily work enjoyable is the open, cooperative atmosphere, the solution-focused approach and flexibility.

How can I renew myself?

A few years ago, I became an active member of a non-governmental organisation via an international initiative where we connect companies and workers with disabilities. Doing caritative work is very addictive, therefore I have become an actively involved in organising a community integration centre too.

My motto

“Joy is above all. And you should be aware that joy is a valuable asset.” (by Zsolt Csalog: Orbis Sensualium Pictus)