It is expertise that counts in the long run. However, sometimes you need to be able to let go of habits and leave the beaten track. This is the key for development.

We are proud that we are always able to innovate, grow and be amongst the first to create something new. More than half of our projects belong to the “mission impossible” category, but after several years of cooperation our partners know that in the end, we will find a solution. How can this be possible?

Is it due to experience or to our extensive network of contacts? Or is it because of our consultancy skills? In our opinion being dedicated to what we do, our diligence, and our strong desire to deliver the best outcome for Partners and Candidates is the approach that bears fruit.

Positions searched for:
• middle and executive managers
• specialists (a variety of positions i.e., sales engineers, marketing, finance and logistics specialists, engineers working at production companies)

Why choose Us?

• more than 500 projects
• more than 1,000 placements
• a database with more than 5,000 pre-filtered candidates categorised according to industry and profession
• long-term relationships: most of our clients have been our partners for more than 5 years
• positive candidate experience: our candidates often become our clients
• foreign assignments since 2022

Our team