Our company deals with the search and selection of managers and specialists using all of the powerful and modern tools currently available in the market. Our main tool is direct search where together with our partners we identify and target the industrial sector within which we look for a pool of potential candidates. We are proud that we are always able to innovate, to grow and to be amongst the first to create something new. The members of our team have international backgrounds and meet the high expectations required to operate in such environments. Via continuous learning and development we are able to take local specificities into account.

Our company is parner with an international strategic group of independent executive search firms from around the world who believe in international cooperation, in a wide range of approaches and common/shared knowledge. The group is fully aware that it is the local consulting professionals who have the best knowledge of a given market. We make good use of the synergies, but we respect the boundaries.


Andrea Deák

I started my professional career in consulting over 15 years ago. Prior to that I had worked for a financial consulting firm in a role with a strong administrative bias. I entered personnel consulting in the middle of the 90’s years by joining one of the largest international consulting firms, Neumann International Ltd., where I spent almost 17 years.

During my professional career I have interviewed around 4-5000 people, and examined hundreds of companies closely.





"What really counts in the long run is professionalism.
However, you should sometimes consider changing your habits and moving out of your comfort zone.
This is the key to improvement."


Besides providing search services we also carry out salary surveys for specific client requests. We feel that we are unique in preparing salary surveys because we target the specific industry taking important elements into consideration such as a business’s size (number of employees, turnover) and the specific region. Instead of approaching the senior managers of a company we talk directly to employees who work in the positions specified in the survey. This improves the accuracy of the salary package information. Our salary survey thus provides the client with truly accurate guidance.


  • For me, it was really impressive that the draft contract was in my mailbox within 24 hours of the first meeting. It’s very often the case that a position needs to be filled urgently, and in this situation it is especially important that the company conducting the search is effective, credible and fast. During the entire process, we found that the transparent communication process resulted in easy and effective collaboration.

    Swiss Owner
    Plastics company
  • In today’s world it’s very rare to find those who communicate as effectively as the Green Search employees, and this is highly appreciated. They properly inform all candidates and maintain contact with clients. It meant a lot to me to know at exactly which stage of the search project we were in via the weekly progress reports. The selection process was very much facilitated by the written summaries of the candidates attached to their CVs, which we received prior to the interviews. This allowed us to prepare for the interviews in advance, making the process faster and more efficient.

    HR director
    Pharmaceutical company
  • I could see already at our first meeting that the company would do a great job. Andrea spent a lot of time getting familiar with the operation of the organisation, the position, and the working environment. I was not at all surprised when the candidates that were presented to us were a good fit for our company culture and were all competent and responsible people.

    Chief Executive Officer
    Precision product manufacturing company
  • In our company we often have to look for a candidate for a position requiring specific expertise. This is usually very difficult due to the relatively small Hungarian market need. GreenSearch however managed to almost always find the right managers for us. It was also good to be informed when for some reason the search was stuck. We were informed about the difficulties straight away, rather than being informed of an unsuccessful search weeks later. This enables us to either follow their suggestions or to work together to find a strategy to successfully fill the position.

    Regional Sales Manager
    Metallurgic company
  • What I liked the most about our collaboration was that I constantly felt as though the consultant was thinking with us and was 100% involved. The consultant made the best effort to help us according to our long-term goals and interests via arguments and counter-arguments. They are not only an HR partner for our company, but a real Business partner too. They made the project very pleasant by being cheerful, which is quite rare and very unique these days.

    Regional Manager
    Automotive company


H1133, Budapest, Váci street 76.
Capital-Square Office, 3rd floor


+36 1 200 8800


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